Projects we have done

Our clients value the world-class services we provide, and see us as a reliable, trustworthy and professional partner. For reasons of discretion, the list does not include the names of organizations that we do projects for. However, we will be pleased to provide references following consultation with the institutions and companies concerned. Below you find a selection of projects we have done in the past.

Selection of Projects

Date Project Description
Q1-Q4 2015 Various taxonomy projects
Q4 2014 Taxonomy concept review for a provider of a global social network platform
Q1 2014-
Q3 2014
Intranet project for a global logistics company
Q2 2013-
Q1 2014
Taxonomy and categorisation project for an international financial services company
Q1 2013 Various smaller projects
Q3 2012-
Q4 2012
Enterprise taxonomy project for a Swiss global financial services company
Q3 2011-
Q2 2012
Concept extraction and controlled vocabulary build for an online collection of legal sources
Q3 2011-
Q1 2012
Programming and evaluation: Sentence recognition in legal texts
Q3 2011 English know-how taxonomy across all industries for a global social network: Creation of guidelines, partial build and review
Q2 2011 Strategic advice on controlled vocabularies and search for a large German online information provider
Q2 2011 Conceptual audit for an American investment company
Q1 2011 Creation of a Dutch search thesaurus for an online shop in the Netherlands
Q1 2011 Review of the document management structure and implementation of site search synonyms for a Swiss IT company
Q4 2010 Review and partial build of a search thesaurus for a major German B2B shop
Q3 2010 Search engine evaluation for a Swiss IT company
Q2 2010 Comprehensive assessment and recommendations regarding search and navigation for a large South African online shop
Q2 2010 Navigation redesign for the website of a Swiss IT company
Q1 2010 Search, navigation and categorization assessment and recommendations for a large German B2B shop
Q4 2009 Comprehensive navigation review for a large German online shop including build of search synonyms


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