What we can do for you

sennmantics offers services to increase usability of search and navigation in your information systems. Our clients are international and from all kinds of industries: e-commerce, online service providers, consulting, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications and IT.

  • Strategic Advice

    We assess information systems such as online shops, websites and intranets and make recommendations on how to improve usability through improved search.
  • Guidelines

    We build guidelines with your team to ensure that vocabularies to support search and navigation are adapted to meet your users' and your business needs.
  • Vocabulary Review

    We review your navigation structures, taxonomies and search thesauri and help you make them consistent and customized to search and business requirements.
  • Vocabulary Build

    We build bespoke vocabularies for your information system with the input of your subject matter experts. Whether you start from scratch or already have a lexicon in place.


Terms and their definition

Interested to know what terms like controlled vocabulary, taxonomy or information retrieval mean? Then take a look at our glossary section and enjoy!


Interesting reads

If you would like to know more about search, navigation, categorization and controlled vocabularies and other subjects in information science and computational linguistics please check out our publications section.